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Goal: Quit smoking

Thank you so much for reminding me that I’m human. I’m not giving up and won’t. These little lessons in the app really put things in perspective and for the first time I’m looking at quitting from a whole other perspective.


Goal: Reduce drinking

Honestly, I wasn't expecting such an amazing experience! Throughout the past six months, Quit Genius has been and continues to be an incredible support system, and I would recommend this program to anyone who is in need!


Goal: Quit smoking

This app actually helped me quit. Not only quit though, but change my mentality to become a non smoker. It was actually easy for me too....


Goal: Quit smoking

I’d say quitting is not an easy thing to do. 215 days smoke free, I can say that Quit Genius played a big role on my journey this far!


Goal: Reduce drinking

The Quit Genius program offers a flexible alternative to alcohol use that is the perfect fit for my needs.


Goal: Quit smoking

Getting through withdrawal has been sucky, but it wasn’t too bad. I think the best thing I can share is what the app said - don’t look at what you gave up, but what you are getting. I’m getting more acute smell back - more money and freedom from carrying / charging / refilling. It’s freeing!


Goal: Quit smoking

I had so much trouble quitting smoking until a friend and even longer time smoker than myself posted about her experience using this app. It truly gave me the knowledge i needed to overcome my fear of quitting!


Goal: Quit smoking

This app actually helped me quit. Not only quit though, but change my mentality to become a non smoker. It was actually easy for me too....


Goal: Quit smoking

I love your program. You started off by saying, “you don’t have to quit” you weren’t lecturing and telling me what to do, by saying it was my choice, made me want to quit and make changes. I’ve been telling everyone about the program.

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